1094 – This is the combined age of the 12 ladies who attended my Laughter Yoga session at their care home in Llandeilo earlier this week! That’s an average age of 91 (and a bit)!!!! 🤩 Wow indeed, right?! 🤩

And these ladies didn’t just sit and watch me do all the work! They actively and eagerly participated throughout the 1-hour session. 😍

They sang and danced, stretched, tapped and clapped. They passed smiles and laughter around the room as they greeted each other. They met chuckle ball and laughed as he made them shake with his bouncy vibration. They laughed as they wagged their fingers at each other to practise turning bad moods into laughter. They laughed after they had picked flowers which made them sneeze. They went on a laughter bike ride and regaled stories of their younger years when they rode their bicycles often. And they went on a roller coaster…. and boy did they laugh! 😍

All this fun was had whilst expanding their lungs, clearing them of residual air and increasing the oxygen in their bodies to help their brains perform better. They tapped away tension and laughed away stresses. They strengthened their friendships through sharing memories that were prompted by the laughter exercises. They did physical movements to keep muscles active. And they gave their internal organs a good cardio workout by laughing from the diaphragm. And then they enjoyed a well deserved rest through a guided relaxation. 😌

And after that, when my laughter yoga session was over, they sat in the room with smiles on their faces, feeling joyful, connected and relaxed. And then we ate cake, drank tea and laughed a bit more through general conversation. Because that’s what happens when you learn to laugh unconditionally, natural laughter comes more freely. Conversations are easier. And the cake….. well the laughter exercises made the cake almost guilt free 😉😊

If you know a senior that would like more laughter in their life, do get in touch with me. And you too can bring more laughter into your life – you don’t have to wait until you’re 91 to experience this joy 😂 – learn to laugh with ease now through laughter yoga or laughter coaching with The Roach Coach. Message me for more details. ❤️😊

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