Laughter coaching

“Laughter lifts our mood, brings joy to our lives and can increase our confidence to help us in social situations”.


We’ve all been here right?

Innocently saying the wrong thing and then feeling like a fool for ages afterwards 🙄

Learning to laugh more easily can help us react in awkward situations with laughter rather than feelings of regret and self-criticism. Life is beautifully unpredictable; we never know when our last opportunity to be us will be. So, don’t waste your life avoiding situations and opportunities for fear of innocently saying the wrong thing. Become comfortable with using your laughter to help you, and others, recover quickly in those awkward moments that happen to us all.

Laughter Coaching is ideally suited for anyone who wants to add more laughter and joy to their life, improve self-confidence and communication skills, feel better equipped to deal with emotional challenges, low self-esteem, and other issues that threaten the enjoyment of their personal or professional life.

My Laughter Coaching programmes help clients to discover and reconnect with their laughter so they learn to laugh with ease, become more confident in social situations, and can use laughter as another form of emotional release.  When people start laughing on a regular basis, it automatically brings positive attitudinal changes in their behaviour.

Laughter coaching

The Programme

My Laughter Coaching programme runs over 8 weeks and provides a structured method for people to adopt laughter into their lives. The programme details the Laughter Yoga approach broken down into specific focus areas, one week at a time, slowly building up the client’s ability to sustain laughter in their life without relying on stimulus.

Laughter Coaching can be delivered one-to-one or in a group environment, depending upon the needs of the client. Each week introduces a new theme, and new exercises are set as homework to further assist the client to become comfortable and confident to independently use playful laughter to develop an inner sense of joy, the spirit of laughter, and a lasting positive outlook.

Laughter coaching

The Format

Clients of my Laughter Coaching Programme benefit from:

  • Weekly personal meetings
  • 3 x telephone laughter sessions each week
  • Set home-based tasks


The 8 week programme overview:

Week 1

Introduction & background to Laughter Yoga

Week 2

Turn a smile into a laugh

Week 3

Motion creates emotion

Week 4

Difference between happiness and joy

Week 5

You can train yourself to laugh

Week 6

Breathing and laughter connection

Week 7

Bringing Laughter Yoga into real life

Week 8

Evaluation and commitment 

who needs laughter coaching

Anyone can benefit from Laughter Coaching, but specifically people who:

  • Want to add more laughter and joy to their life
  • Suffer from stress
  • Suffer from ‘seriousness’
  • Would like to be more extrovert
  • Suffer with a chronic disease
  • Laugh very little (common with older people)
  • Have relationship problems
  • Are housebound or isolated
  • Are often angry/unable to deal with angry people
  • Are emotionally sentimental and get hurt easily
  • Want more friends

Laughter Coaching

Corporate Programmes

Corporate laughter coaching programmes are also available to aid team collaboration, relieve stress and boredom, improve communication and inject fun into the workplace, which ultimately will help achieve corporate targets! Managers and staff alike become united through unconditional laughter, building more caring and sharing relationships.

“There is little success where there is little laughter” – Andrew Carnegie

The benefits of laughter are too important to leave to chance.

Commit to laughing more today through Laughter Workshops

& Laughter Coaching with The Roach Coach.

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