1 year ago today I wrote about the positive impact my laughter yoga session at a care home had on seniors affected by dementia. I still run monthly workshops for this care home. And that’s because the manager and staff see the positive physical and psychological changes in the participants during and after each of my laughter yoga session. ❤️😊

It’s also timely that I share this post again, with the current health concerns around the world, as it reiterates the positive effects laughter has on the immune system.

Boost your immune system today, and every day, with hearty laughter. Yes, laughter is usually easier and lasts longer when we laugh with others. But laughter is within us all so we can laugh alone and get the same great health benefits. And don’t forget, successful telephone and Skype laughter sessions are also a thing. 😉

Stay healthy. Keep laughing. ❤️😊

Initial post: The Roach Coach – Executive, Life & Laughter Coaching 12 March 2019 · 

Yesterday I had the opportunity of sharing laughter at a residential care home in West Wales. This was a new home for me and the first time the staff and residents had experienced Laughter Yoga.

As is common with Laughter Yoga, the manager of the home was sceptical 🤨 about the concept and the impact it would have on the residents, especially as all 8 of the residents that attended were affected by varying degrees of dementia.

Fast forward 1 enjoyable hour later and the manager was delighted with how the session engaged, stimulated and lifted the spirits of everyone in the group! ❤️😊

So why was the session so successful?

Well, research suggests that an individual with dementia can go through similar cognitive stages as a growing child. The need to participate in activities and games to keep the brain active for growing children also applies to adults, including people affected by dementia. When a person with dementia finds that their mental abilities are declining, they often feel vulnerable and helpless, so it’s important to help them retain their feelings of self-worth through providing them with activities. The activity, stimulation and a sense of accomplishment can be beneficial and therapeutic.

Laughter Yoga promotes playfulness through gentle physical exercise. The exercises I specifically facilitate for seniors often stimulate fond memories and familiar skills.❤️ The exercises also encourage hand to eye co-ordination, concentration, stress relief, tactile awareness and social skills. And of course, laughter in itself has many physical, emotional and social benefits including:

😊 Eases anxiety and fear, activates happy feelings
😊Heart disease prevention
😊Increases and improves social interactions, bonding
😊Lowers stress hormones
😊Lowers blood sugar levels
😊Opens inner cellular pharmacy, strengthens all immune functions
😊Opens lungs, ventilates spirit

And let’s not forget the impact that the mood of the caregiver can have on the person with dementia. And so laughter helps caregivers by:
😊Allowing them to enjoy the moment. (Laughing is fun)
😊Easing tension and lightening the mood
😊Breaking the cycle of psychological negativity
😊Relieving stress
😊Promoting mental health
😊Providing a simple and valid form of cardio-vascular exercise
😊Strengthening family relationships
😊Strengthening the immune system so caregivers can stay healthy

And the lovely staff at the care home yesterday fully participated with their residents in my Laughter Yoga session, so the benefits of laughter were wide spread. ❤️

So whilst laughter yoga is, sadly, not a cure for mental or cognitive impairment diseases, it does have much to offer on multiple levels to help both the patients and their caregivers. ❤️😊

If you are a caregiver to someone with a mental or cognitive impairment disease, feel free to message me to discuss how Laughter Yoga may help you and your patient(s).

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(📷 credit: NurseBuddy. Research published on Countrywide healthcare and Laughter University)