“A happy employee is a productive employee” – Erin L Davis

Laughter is a great tool for strengthening working relationships and boosting productivity. If you would like more laughter in your workplace then book a Laughter Yoga workshop. As well as being great fun, Laughter Yoga workshops teach techniques that can be used to encourage laughter and lift moods whenever stress or potential conflict threatens.

The practice of Laughter Yoga increases the net supply of oxygen in our body and brain, making us feel refreshed, focussed and motivated, which helps us process challenges. And it helps us stay healthy by lowering our stress levels and boosting our immune system so we fight off illnesses. It’s a complete workout for health & wellness! And it’s great fun!

Invest in your employee’s wellbeing today and book a Laughter Yoga Workshop with The Roach Coach. Message me for more details.

‘When we laugh, we change. And when we change, the whole world changes’. ❤️😊

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