This week I had the pleasure of sharing laughter with my most senior yogi. And it was an extra special session as she had just turned 107!! ? 
Having experienced Laughter Yoga for the first time just a few months back, here is what Mary says about her monthly wellbeing activity – “I think it is ideal for old people. It helps you to concentrate. It doesn’t tire you too much. And it’s good to laugh! And I can remember the exercises and they help me to sleep at night. It makes me feel relaxed”.

Mary participates fully throughout my 1 hour seated laughter yoga for seniors session, giving her best effort to all the exercises, and then thoroughly enjoying the guided meditation at the end. ?

Here is the amazing Mary proudly showing her 7th birthday card from Her Majesty the Queen, and a special handmade birthday card from my little Queen (Gwen, aged 100 years younger than Mary) ❤️?

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